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I just got a parcel from Berlin today : the last cd from Tune Up Summercamp arrived! it features a lot of good songs among which some of mine. Garlic love of course (I had already put the mp3 on

there’s also a cheap version of I gotta go. but I won’t put it online. and there’s Cyclon. was it because of the bad weather? I named this song like this at the last minute.

you can hear Chema at the spanish guitar, Carina at the clarinet, Iskar at the bass and the incredible Victor at the cajon!!!
It was a lot of fun to record it and it feels good to listen to it after such a long time.

no tune up this year. sad but next time it will be even better.
so, if you like, you can purchase the cd somewhere on the web. just browse meermachen or tune up berlin e.V it might lead you somewhere.

good night

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