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What we had always trying to do with ourselfs and those who were interested was reclaim and retouch that element that had been supressed and stolen from us as individuals.

We noticed that the way we play music for example is like that,- that there is no rehearsal, that we use rhythms and high and low frequencies and the words that come trought are improvised.
Sometimes they remain banal and occasionly stories come through and that we are describing in a trance state ..all the things happening to us , our people and other people who come who show even momentary intrest….our own lost tribe.

And that we are functioning sometimes as the storyteller or as the medicine person.

And that we feel all of us in thiose moments: the communal mind and interaction which is very different to entertainment or to a product; it is a process that goes on.

Taken from: Mel Lyman – From thee Mirror at thee End Ov thee Road

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