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Apuliae SummerArtCamp is an international artistic camp project which will take place in the Coop. Sociale Ropert Owen, a socio-cultural cooperative in San Giorgio Jonico, in the south of Italy, from the 22nd of July till the 12th of August 2010.

A group of artists from the Berlin based non-profit organisation TuneUp, coming from all over the world, will live in the old farmhouse of the cooperative, transforming the countryside in a place of artistic exploration and research on improvisation.

During these three weeks there will be jam sessions, spontaneous performance-installations of visual and street art, film screenings on permaculture, and much more.The aim of the project will be the revaluation of the apulean grounds and the region by initiating processes of social and cultural participation. Thus, it is a project open to all, artists or not, who are willing to spend a few days or weeks in a naturally and artistically prosperous environment, who wish to get involved into a stimulating cultural exchange, who want to perform or relax in a vivid, positive atmosphere.

 Some practical information:

 Temperature: The apulean summer is generally very hot and lasts from May till September; but the evenings often bring a fresh breeze, so bring a pullover!

 Accommodation: Participants need to bring their own tent, camping mat and sleeping bag; It is possible to sleep outdoors, or inside the big hall, which also contains the stage.

 Arrival/Departure: The best solution is to arrive at the Taranto train station on July 22nd in the evening, as on this official first day a private bus from the cooperative will take the group to the camp site. If you arrive on another day, you can take a taxi to the Cooperativa Sociale Robert Owen, or call Cristina for information!

Italy: 328 4136624 (Cristina)

Germany: 0176 83287416 (Cristina) 

 On this website you find the schedule of trains going to Tranto:

This is the website of the airports in Apulia


Meals: The famous apulean cuisine is known its simple, flavoursome, fresh meals: home-made pasta, fresh bread and cheese, and a lot of fruits and vegetables, seasoned with olive oil from the region, along with locally grown white and red wine. Each week we will go to town and buy weekly supplies of food; some products may also be bought directly from the crop of the cooperative. The money for the food shopping will thus be collected each week from the present participants. The cooking (breakfast & dinner) will be done each day by the participants in groups of three or such. If you have any allergies or special needs, please bring your special products with you!

Recreation: The farm house and grounds of the cooperative are at 20 minutes distance (by bus) from the beach, and at 10 min distance from the beautiful old city of Taranto.

Costs: The costs for pariticipating in the project are 5€ per day, which contains accomodation and use of technical music equipment. This does NOT contain meals – food will be bought together each week, and costs will be shared.
The Cooperativa Sociale Robert Owen:

The Owen Cooperative has been legally established in 1983 to support the social integration and economic autonomy of unemployed, marginalized or disabled people and to promote international solidarity with the Third World Countries.

All activities offered by the cooperative, like concerts, plays, exhibitions, or workshops for kids, are financed by the Coop. Owen alone; the cooperative gets no funding whatsoever, neither governmental nor private; all members work voluntarily.

The farm house of the Coop. Owen lies in San Giorgio along the road to Monteiasi (road Sp 82) at 1,2 km.

To get there from Taranto take the road Ss7; after entering San Giorgio, turn left (at the level of ther town hall) into Silvio Pellico street, drive till the stop-sign and turn right; then turn left at the first stop-sign into the street Sp82 to Monteiasi. Drive on, and when you see the „Cooperativa Robert Owen“ sign, turn left, and continue straight ahead till the gate of the Cooperativa Owen.

Cultural events organised by the Coop. Owen

between 22th of July and 12th of August:

24. July 2010: Fra(s)tuoni 2010 festival: EGLE SOMMACAL in concert

27. July 2010: Fra(s)tuoni 2010 festival: RONIN in concert

4.-6. August 2010: Festival „Pace e dintorni“

-> topic: work (from exploitation to precarity)

One day bevor our SummerCamp ends, another interesting project starts in Taranto:

SONORAPULIAE      from 11.08. –  17.08.2010

SONOR APULIAE – TARANTO SONORA – is a thematic workshop finalized to build together a happening based on the sounds of the old city of Taranto. We will form a working group and for about a week (6 days), with digital recorder, we will sample the old city using the “listening points” selected to achieve a sound map available online and also a movie of video art that will be distributed through channels communication of ‘Taranto Sonora’ and its partners. All this is based on the principle of soundscape composition. According to Murray Schafer,, sounds on environment since the beginning of history of man are not only cultural and social values but possess a cosmic nature. On this basis the work of sound mapping, which will be built in the workshop through the practice of “walking neighborhood” in the old city of Taranto, tries to build, piece after piece our soundscape composition. After sampling the work, and meetings on the concept of “soundscape” and “improvisational methods” by a small ensemble (the working group will be established) it will run a happening in the final attempt to unite video art, experimental music and informality of the artistic gesture., according to ‘idea of multimedia by known composer John Cage, avant-garde musical pioneer in this century.

more information:

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