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Since most of us touched hard asphalt ground again in the urban jungle and left sun, storm und the sommercamp behind;- its a good time to start reflection in these darker days of the rising autum.
We just had a meeting at to take a first closer look at the massive amount of pictures (ca. 1500), videos and listened to the sweet, slighlty smooth and melancholic tunes that had been recorded at the Youth House.
This has a deep impact on all of us, it spreads various question of identity. In the first days after it was strange not to great the people passing by or not to wake up in a prosperous, creative mini society. It shows us that if the frame for development and learning is vital and organic we can shift into a childish, open mindset that proves that basic evolutionary aspects like symbiosis and mutural aid are not fiction or naive.
In contrast to massive corruption, wars, banking scandels and orwellian paranoia, dictatorship and evil empires – we the people have an incredible power to transform – and learn through inspiration and good example. I think the only way to improve our skills and live qualities is an openminded spirit that knows and feels the power of our potential. As soon as we start creating something by our own – the perspectives on reality changes. Then we see the illusion capitalism, advertising and the Presstidutes of the mainstream media.
We are powerful, beautiful beeings – as beautiful as the sun, the wind and the stars. Every impulse we provide in a positive mindset will bring us all goods we can imagine. Everything is possible if we want it. We can change the world, when we change us and understand that there is not just a framed way that we must go in order to be accepted in society or if we follow standarts of media controlled lifestyles and beauty. If we learn or teach, love or dream, speak concious and take care about you and me the old, mystic truth floats like a spririt throught the Air:


Peace and Prosperity! Only together we can make it! EACH ONE TEACH ONE

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